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Ipsos & Corfu

Ipsos Local Area

Ipsos is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Corfu.  Just 10 klm from the Historic centre of the town and within a very convenient distance from any spot on the island.

Ipsos Holidays | Hotel Corfu

Holidays at Ipsos

It is a beautiful natural bay with a picturesque little port on its south end, a long sandy beach stretching till the rocks and rich vegetation on its north side. It is a cosmopolitan, well organized beach with a large number of options for all visitors.  Either peaceful or with loud music, with dining options or cocktails, with watersport activities or, instead, the absolutepeace of the nature, Ipsos is a place for all types of travellers. 

It offers satisfying options for all tastes, from the traditional Greek restaurants to the noisy music clubs for the young.  Fromadventurouswatersportstotrailsthroughtheunspoiltnature.  Indeed, this is its real charm, the wide choice for all ages and for all preferences.

Ipsos Holidays hotel is a 10-minute walk and a 3-minute drive from the beach which is the centre of all activities in the area.  Therefore, it provides its guests the flexibility to spend their days and nights just as they wish:  enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the organized beach or the peace and calm of the hotel swimming-pool with no need of any transport. 

Corfu Island

Corfu has been a welcoming destination since the ancient times.  A green island with beautiful beaches and a rich culture. The countryside of Corfu from the North to the South will seduce you with its unique natural landscape. 

Explore the traditional villages, make a stop at the village café for a glass of ouzo with “mezes” (appetizers), rent a boat and admire the beauty of Corfu from the sea, listen to the sounds of the nature and enjoy the endless Mediterranean landscape of the Ionian sea.

The Old Town of Corfu will take you back to the medievalages.  A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007, it is strongly reminiscent of Venice but keeps its own live character which makes Corfu unique.  The town provides good shopping opportunities, excellent restaurants, inspirational coffee shops and bars. 

Mix yourself with the locals, ask them where to eat the best “bourdeto”fish and the best “pastitsada”.  Have a cocktail at Liston.  Take time to stroll through the windy narrow streets of the OldTown.  Buy the local koum-kuat and mandolato to take back home. Join the unique experience of living the country and the town life!

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