Ipsos Pyrgi

Ipsos Holidays Hotel is located in the tourist resort of Ipsos / Pyrgi, a 10-minutes’ walk from Ipsos Beach. The beach of Ipsos is located in a very large bay. The water is very clean and does not deepen abruptly.

At the edge of the beach there is a small harbor where you can enjoy boat trips, nearby destinations as well as water sports centers. The area from the hotel has wonderful restaurants with local and exotic cuisine, supermarket, kiosk shop, small cafes for breakfast and almost everything someone would like to have in close distance from his hotel without missing the natural peace and quite.

Ipsos Holidays is located just 16 km away from Corfu's Old Town, an UNESCO-listed monument since 2007, with picturesque paths for limitless walks, old churches with ornate bell towers, and several museums and monuments. The transportation becomes easy with blue buses passing by every 20' minutes, 5 minutes walk away from the hotel.


Corfu is one of the largest islands of the Ionian Sea with long history and tradition. It has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic times, and later on the island it is rumored to have been occupied by the Phaeacians of Odyssey, which is why it is called Phaeacia.

Corfu is full of classic architecture, mansions, Byzantine churches, Venetian walls and ancient temples. There is the possibility for relaxed walks in the streets of the historic center and picturesque villages with traditional cuisine, as well as the possibility of a lively nightlife near the Old Port. Just outside the historical center of the city is the famous Pontikonissi (Mouse Island) and Virgin Mary of Blacherna.

Corfu is adorned by a multitude of monuments and museums open to the public as well as a beautiful gallery with modern and classical art. Beautiful seas are scattered all over the island, many of which have been awarded a Blue Flag, while across the island is the islet of Vido, accessible by boat, which seems to separate the old Venetian fortress from Corfu's old harbor.